Welcome to The Finding Harmony Community

Learning to integrate spiritual practice into every day life for personal and professional growth.

Finding Harmony Community

Finding Harmony is a diverse community of folks who are actively engaged in cultivating real, lasting changes through daily inner work. 

This community was created and is facilitated by Mastery Certified Coach, Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, and long-time pranayama and meditation practitioner, Harmony Slater.

This is a community designed for practitioners and teachers of yoga who want to deepen their spiritual practice while creating a life truly aligned with their inner calling.

Inside, we're diving deep into the philosophy and transformative practices, which can help to remove the misunderstandings about who we are so we can align with our essential nature. This community is a supportive collective to help you through challenging times. The classes within enhance inner clarity, build confidence, and connect to your higher purpose. 

If you've come here to find harmony between spiritual development and professional growth, you're in the right place.

Why We Need Community?  

Since we live in a world driven primarily by performance, fame, and material success, it’s easy to overlook the importance of inner work when it comes to creating a life we love... (and this goes for yoga practices too!) 

As a result, many yoga students (and teachers) fall into the trap of seeking validation externally— in the next asana, (series, achievement, certification) or whatever fancy carrot is being dangled in front of us as the thing we need get in order to find fulfillment.

You are here because you are no stranger to this vicious circle of constantly seeking personal meaning and significance outside yourself. You've realized the key to true fulfillment is not found in more external achievements. You know the power of yoga, it's philosophy and practice and how it helps you look deeper within. 

We know that true transformation comes not just from learning something, but from putting what we've learned into practice. If we are to find harmony within, we must carve out the time to cultivate it.
Having a supportive community and accountability is one of the keys to consistency.

The Results You'll Get.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Finding Harmony Community:

  • Gain the unique support and transformative advice of other yoga teachers + practitioners. 
  • Deepen your spiritual practice while building a life that feels aligned with your higher purpose.
  • Harness collective knowledge to overcome challenges, enhance inner clarity, and amplify your confidence.

When You Join Today

When you join Finding Harmony Community today, you’ll get immediate access to our:

  • Multidimensional Coaching: Participate in our monthly coaching sessions with founder Harmony Slater, along with other yoga teachers and coaches. These insightful conversations allow you to explore many common challenges and discover effective strategies for both personal and professional growth. This experience will offer practical knowledge and support from community members who share your path.
  • Yoga Events: Engage in our yoga events where members participate in group meditations, simple exercises to increase energy, and somatic practices to help you shift out of stuck states. These events serve to regulate your nervous system, facilitating spiritual growth and a sense of community. This is a beautiful way to expand your spiritual network and reinforce your connection with other practitioners.
  • Breathwork / Pranayama Events: These classes focus on breathwork and pranayama techniques and will include traditional pranayama practices, as well as modern breathwork exercises. You’ll learn how to develop your own personal practice, one that reflects your goals and desires and works to heal any imbalances in your personal Ayurvedic constitution. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to teach simple, safe, breathwork exercises to your students that will deepen their experience with you.
  • Guided Meditations: Opportunities to join live classes and also receive additional recordings that will help you cultivate a daily meditation practice.

Why join this community?

  • YOU’RE TIRED OF THE CYCLE OF STARTING + STOPPING when it comes to your inner work and spiritual practice
  • YOU WANT TO LEARN SOLID PRACTICES that are based not just in ancient wisdom but in modern science and have real-world value 
  • YOU LIKE BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE to your commitments by a positive, friendly and supportive community of like-minded practitioners who are committed to their own inner work
  • YOU APPRECIATE HAVING A TEACHER with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to train and support you in a variety of spiritual practices like breathwork, meditation, and more...
  • YOU WANT TO SHOW UP MORE AUTHENTICALLY in all areas of life and are willing to put create the space and time in your life to prioritize your personal health and spiritual well-being

Our purpose is:

  • TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A SOFT + COMPASSIONATE SPACE for learning tangible practices that will help you cultivate a deeper spiritual connection, for asking questions, and for getting support
  • TO NURTURE COMMUNITY and facilitate connection with other like-minded individuals who are also engaged in their daily inner work and spiritual wellness for personal and professional growth
  • TO SUPPORT YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH WITH INSPIRING CONTENT, fun challenges, helpful resources, live calls, and compassionate accountability

This community is not for you if:

  • YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GURU TO “SAVE” YOU from your life challenge, take away all your problems, or give you all the answers
  • YOU BELIEVE THAT MONEY IS THE SOLUTION to most of life’s problems and that you'll never have enough...
  • YOU’RE EXPECTING OVERNIGHT RESULTS with little-to-no follow-through. consistency, commitment, or sense of devotion to your highest self and spiritual practice 
  • YOU DON’T APPRECIATE THE VALUE OF COMMUNITY and having support and guidance from an expert teacher
  • YOU FEEL THAT IT’S A WASTE OF MONEY to keep investing in your spiritual growth and you don't want to do the inner work 
  • YOU ARE IN A SPIRITUAL CRISIS and therefore you’re hoping for a miracle cure to your dilemma and a magic solution to all your problems
  • YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH FINDING HACKS AND SHORT CUTS and you see the long route as a waste of time and money
  • YOU ARE A CONTRARIAN with an insatiable need to be right and prove others wrong
  • YOU ARE A CONSPIRACY THEORIST who likes to argue in the comments
  • YOU ARE NOT OPEN TO A MULTIPLICITY OF PERSPECTIVES and you believe that your way is a superior way to practice

This community is for you if:

  • YOU’VE BEEN UNSUCCESSFUL AT TEACHING YOURSELF spiritual practices and you appreciate the value of having expert guidance, instruction, and support
  • YOU SUSPECT THAT HARMONY IS WITHIN and you’ve exhausted the search for peace and fulfillment through external validation, achievements, or acquisitions
  • YOU BELIEVE IN DESTINY, SPIRITS, SOULS, GOD, AND FAITH —but you may also enjoy the other delights of living an embodied life, like sports, family, art, delicious food, wine, or classic rock
  • YOU KNOW THAT THERE’S A LOT MORE TO LEARN when it comes to understanding spirituality and cultivating inner harmony
  • YOU’RE WILLING TO BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR SPIRITUAL PRACTICE to create the kind of soul-centred life and business you’ve always desired
  • YOU UNDERSTAND THAT RESULTS COME INCREMENTALLY, with consistency of practice, drop-by-drop the bucket is filled
  • YOU KNOW THAT YOUR OUTER WORLD IS A REFLECTION OF YOUR INNER WORLD and that real change comes from doing your own inner work first!
  • YOU APPRECIATE HAVING SUPPORT, encouragement, and accountability from a community of like-minded individuals
  • YOU LOVE A GOOD, HEALTHY CHALLENGE—especially one that helps you become a better person
  • YOU’RE NOT AFRAID TO INVEST in the habits, commitments, and priorities you value the most

More about Harmony

I first travelled to China in 2022 to study Buddhism, after completing two degrees in Philosophy and Eastern Religious Studies. In 2004, I began a life-long love affair with India, spending the next 15 years living there for extended periods of time immersed in Yoga practice, Vipassana meditation, Ayurveda, and Philosophy. For the past 20+ years my mission has been to share these ancient teaching + practices to enhance wellbeing and spiritual integration. Making meditation, breathwork, and some of the more esoteric concepts relevant and applicable for our fast-paced modern life. I've taught workshops in over 30 different countries. My focus is to support other teachers in eliminating midlife burnout and restoring their connection to personal fulfillment, joy, and deeper meaning on their chosen path.